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Corporate strategy

Developing innovative and sustainable products

Hobbite.Co.,LTD. Is a joint venture enterprise integrating production, sales and design. Mainly engaged in optical precision deep processing, specializing in the production and processing of various high-precision glass crystals, optic


2 international sales managers
Job description:
1. Mainly responsible for overseas customer development, maintenance, product sales, marketing support, after-sales service, etc.
2. Responsible for customer consultation and processing, customer demand review, product quotation, order signing and processing, customer complaint processing, etc.
3. Work closely with internal teams to provide technical support and solutions to customers in time, and do a good job in customer service.
4. Cooperate with regional agents to carry out relevant regional marketing, information and intelligence collection, old customer relationship maintenance and new customer development.
5. Attend exhibitions at home and abroad from time to time, receive and visit customers, display and introduce company products.
6. Assist the supervisor to complete the sales task and deal with other sales related work.
Job requirements:
1. College degree or above, cet-4 or above (Korean or Japanese is preferred);
2. Fluent in written and spoken English, with good communication skills;
3. Major in optics and physics, optical communication and optoelectronics industry background is preferred;
4. Proficient in common office software, familiar with foreign trade business process, more than three years of international sales experience is preferred;
5. Strong learning ability, earnest, patient, good customer service awareness and teamwork spirit.
1 optical r&d engineer
1. Responsible for optical path design of instrument products, development and design of optical components;
2. Design the corresponding optical schematic diagram;
3. Draw assembly drawings and parts drawings of products;
4. Have good professional knowledge background of optical, mechanical and electrical, and have certain design experience of optoelectromechanical integration system;
5. Proficient in using conventional optical machine design and simulation software;
6. Guide technicians and technicians to complete the assembly, debugging and trial production of fixtures and equipment, and compile operation rules;
7. Explain optical principles and repair essentials to maintenance personnel.
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in optics, physics, optoelectronic science and technology;
2. Experience in optical design or project is preferred;
3. Familiar with design specifications and acceptance specifications of optical instrument products, as well as design standards of various optical circuit systems;
4. Have a strong theoretical basis of optics, understand optical drawings, have knowledge of automatic production line and electronic components, and skillfully use ZEMAX, auto-cad and other software;
5. Capable of project responsibility, management, organization and coordination.
6. Experience in lidar system design is preferred.
2 optical quality engineers
1. Check the complete specifications of the optical components and modules of the customer.
2. Determine the performance specifications of components, subcomponents and components (optical, electrical)
Work closely with customers, assembly process engineers and suppliers to resolve any issues related to performance, qualification and quality
4. Interface with the operations team to develop documentation and test procedures related to modules at the component, subcomponent, and assembly levels.
5. Train operators and technicians of optically related assembly process, including components and process root cause/corrective action and defect analysis
Provide optical process validation and certification processes for manufacturing processes related to GR&R and other optical components and subsystems
7. Perform DOE for optical component validation, process certification and participate in process improvement to meet customer and factory quality and generate expectations.
Post requirements
1. Candidates should have adequate knowledge of optical performance parameters (bandwidth, MTF, SFR, NF, color coordinate system measurement, ripple) and specification sensitivity and interdependencies
Bachelor, master or PhD in engineering, physics or optics
Minimum 3 or 5 years experience in optical and manufacturing industry
At least 4 or 2 years industrial experience in assembly, testing and optical testing equipment requires experience in optical assembly and manufacturing.
5. Complete understanding of optical and electrical test equipment
6. Knowledge of cleanroom operations, six sigma, SPC and/or ISO process control is required
7. Proficient in using VB, Excel, database tools, 3D mechanical CAD, optical measuring equipment
Please send your resume to lilian.pi@hobbite.net

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