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Partial Reflection Coating

Product Description

Hobbite® Telecom Optics(Partial Reflector Coating)

Output couplers are mirrors that are designed to reflect a percentage of the laser beam back into the resonator for continuous amplification while transmitting some energy out of the laser cavity. ZnSe substrate material is typically used for 10.6 that include a partial reflective coating on the inside and AR coating on outside of the substrate. The partial reflective coatings have very low absorption and can range from a reflection of 50% to 95%.


  • Narrow Band Partial Reflection Coating
  • Broadband Partial Reflection Coating
  • Polarization Beamsplitter Coating

Part No.:CB1

Partial reflectance or
half reflectance coatings on cube


Beamsplliter with equal leg

Part No.:PB1

Partial reflectance or
half reflectance coatings on plate


Beamsplliter economic

Part No.:PS1

Polarization Beamsplitter coatings
On cube


Reflective type LCD