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Product Description

Hobbite® MircoLens(C-Lenses)

Hobbite Micro lenses (C-lens) are the basic optic componet in optical communication devices. 
They are used to couple collimated beams and divergent beams, for example,coupling from
fiber to fiber, source to fiber, or fiber to detector.

The advantages offered by C-lens include low insertion loss, wide working distance range and
low cost.

Hobbite can provide various C-lenses as of the customer demands.  Pigtail and C-lens can be
assembled into a collimator, which realizes many functions of optical signal processing in
parallel light. Then the collimator is used for applications such as isolator, optical switches,
attenuator and wavelength division multiplexers (WDM).

Material N-SF11,SF11,K9,ZF13 other
Diameter tolerance +0.005/-0.010 mm  such as, 0.700~ 2.800 mm
Thickness tolerance ± 0.02 mm
Clear aperture >90%
Focal length tolerance ±3 %
Design wavelength 632.8 nm
Surface quality 40-20 S-D
Surface figure <λ/4 @ 632.8 nm
Centration error <3 arcmin
Typical Wedge Angle 0°,6°,8°,9°
Coatings R<0.25%@λc+/-40nm, such as 400~2000nm


You can customise this product to your needs. If you do not find suitable specifications for your
application please contact us for custom solution.

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3.Focal length
6.Typical Wedge Angle