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Neodymium doped Gadolinium Vanadate (Nd:GdVO4) is a promising material for diode pumped laser. Similar to Nd:YVO4 crystal, Nd:GdVO4 crystal also exhibits high gain, low threshold, and high absorption coefficients at pumping wavelengths, which result from the excellent fit of the neodymium dopant in the crystal lattice. Nd:GdVO4 has the additional advantage over Nd:YVO4 of a much higher thermal conductivity.


Compare Nd:GdVO4 properties with Nd:YVO4
Nd:GdVO4, 1.2 atm% Nd Nd:YVO4 1 atm% Nd
Melting temperature (T©C) 1780 1825
Fluorescence lifetime (t) 95ms 100ms
Stimulated emission cross section (s) 7.6×10-19cm-2 15.6×10-19cm-2(p-pol)
Absorption coefficient 78cm-1 31.2 cm-1
La 0.18mm 0.32mm
Threshold power 70mw 78mw
Conversion efficiency hs 50% 48.6%
Thermal conductivity coefficient 11.7w/m/k 5.10w/m/k
Nd dopant concentration: 0.2 ~ 3 atm%
Dopant tolerance: within 10% of concentration
Diameter: 0.02 ~ 20mm
Length: 0.02 ~ 20mm
Coating specification:
►        AR@1063nm, R< 0.1% & HT@808nm, T>95%
►         HR@1063nm, R>99.8% & HT@808nm, T>9%
►         HR@1063nm, R>99.8%, HR@532 nm, R>99% & HT@808 nm, T>95%
►         AR@1063 nm, R<0.1%
Typical specification and tolerance:
Orientation: a-cut crystalline direction (+/-5癈)
Dimensional tolerance: Typical: +/-0.1mm
High precision: +/-0.005mm
Wavefront Distortion: <l/8 at 633nm
Surface quality: better than 20/10 Scratch/Dig per MIL-O-1380A
Parallelism: < 10 arc seconds
Perpendicularity: < 5 arc minutes
Surface flatness: <l/10 at 632.8nm
Clear aperture: Central 95%
Chamfer: 0.15×45o
Damage threshold: over 15J/cm2 (rods without coating) over 700 MW/cm2 (coating)
To inquire or order a finished Nd:GdVO4 laser crystals, please provide specifications as listed above. For most applications, we only need to know the following:
1)Nd-dopant concentration;
3)surface quality; and
4) coating.


For special request, please provide detailed specification for evaluation and fabrication.

Physical and Chemical Properties:
Crystal Structure Zircon Tetragonal, space group D4h, a=b=7.21, c=6.35
Melting Point 1780癈
Density 5.47g/cm3
Mohs Hardness Glass-like, ~ 5
Thermal Expansion Coefficient aa=1.5×10-6/K, ac=7.3×10-6/K
Thermal Conductivity Coefficient 11.7 W/m/K <110>
Optical Properties:
Peak Absorption Wavelength 808.5 nm
Lasing Wavelength 912.6 nm, 1063.1 nm, 1341.3 nm
Crystal Class positive uniaxial, no=na=nb ne=nc
no=1.9854, ne=2.1981, @1064nm
no=2.038184, ne=2.292962, @532nm
no=1.9977322, ne=2.219864, @808nm
Thermal Optical Coefficient dn/dT=4.7×10-6/K
Stimulated Emission Cross-Section 7.60×10-19cm2 , @1064 nm
Fluorescent Lifetime 95 ms (1 atm% Nd doped) @808 nm
Loss Coefficient 0.003 cm-1@1064 nm
Absorption Coefficient 74 cm-1 @808nm (1.2%)
Absorption Length 0.32 mm @808nm
Intrinsic Loss Less 0.1% cm-1 , @1064 nm
Linewidth 0.6 nm
Polarized Laser Emission p parallel to optic axis (c-axis)
Diode Pumped Optical to Optical
> 60%
Sellmeier Equation (for pure GdVO4
ne2=4.734369+0.1216149/(l2 – 0.0523664)
– 0.013927l2


no2=3.8987165+0.05990622/(l2 – 0.0514395) – 0.011319l2