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Wollaston Polarizers

A Wollaston prism is an optical device, invented by William Hyde Wollaston, that manipulates polarized light. It separates randomly polarized or unpolarized light into two orthogonal linearly polarized outgoing beams.

The Wollaston prism consists of two orthogonal calcite prisms, cemented together on their base (traditionally with Canada balsam) to form two right triangle prisms with perpendicular optic axes. Outgoing light beams diverge from the prism, giving two polarized rays, with the angle of divergence determined by the prisms’ wedge angle and the wavelength of the light. Commercial prisms are available with divergence angles from 15° to about 45°.




    • Wavelength Range: Calcite 350-2300nm; alpha-BBO 220-900nm; YVO4 400-4000nm; Quartz 200-2300nm

    • Extinction Ratio: Calcite:<5×10-5; alpha-BBO:<5×10-6

    • Surface Quality: 60/40 S/D

    • Dimension Tolerance: +/-0.1mm

    • Beam Deviation: <3′

    • Wavefront Distortion: <Λ/4@632.8nm for alpha-BBO; <Λ/2@632.8nm for Calcite

    • Coating:< Single Layer MgF2

  • Damage Threshold:>500MW/cm2
    • Wide Wavelength Range

    • Both oridinary and extraordinary beam  are deviated

  • Suitable for low power applications where the large deviations is required
Custom design for other size and coating are available upon request.