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Glan Laser Polarizers

Glan Laser Polarizers


    • polarizer
    • Wavelength Range: Calcite 350-2300nm; alpha-BBO 190-3500nm

    • Extinction Ratio: Calcite:<5×10-5; alpha-BBO:<5×10-6

    • Surface Quality: 60/40 S/D

    • Dimension Tolerance: +/-0.1mm

    • Beam Deviation: <3′

    • Wavefront Distortion: <Λ/4@632.8nm for alpha-BBO; <Λ/2@632.8nm for Calcite

    • Coating:< Single Layer MgF2

  • Damage Threshold:>500MW/cm2


    • High Polarization Purity

    • Wide Wavelength Range

    • High UV Transmission

    • Available with Two, one or no escape ports for extra power capacity

  • Suitable for high power applications

Custom design for other size and coating are available upon request.

YVO4 Glan Laser Polarizer is also available upon request.