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Dual Wavelength Wavepate

The double wavelengths waveplate is designed to give out a different retardance of two wavelengths. The double wavelengths waveplate are widely used in frequency conversion laser systems. The standard products from Surestech are λ@1064&λ/2 @ 532nm and λ@355nm&λ/2 @ 532nm. Our double wavelengths waveplates are available upon requirement. We can do the right design.


  • Material: Optical Grade Crystal Quartz or MgF2
  • Dimension tolerance: +0.0, -0.2
  • Wavefront distortion: l /8@633nm
  • Retardation tolerance: l /300
  • Parallelism<1 arc second
  • Surface quality: 20-10
  • Clear aperture: Central 90%
  • AR coating: <0.2%@ wavelength
  • Damage threshold: 500MW/cm2 in 5ns pulse